Güvercin oyununda 20 Soru nasıl oynanır?

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The game called 20 Questions is part of the iMessage extension, GamePigeon. The Apple App Store has an iMessage extensions section where you can download the GamePigeon extension for free, along with other iMessages games. GamePigeon is a gaming platform with over 20 titles in different genres, including card games and sports

Another popular game is Twenty Questions, which features many variations. Other games include Crazy 8, Darts, and of course 20 Questions. It's a strong method to play a guessing game with your friends, and 20 Questions is well worth the try for most individuals - here's why.

20 Questions on GamePigeon

Güvercin oyununda 20 Soru nasıl oynanır?

20 Questions is a well-known two-player game that is typically played verbally. The game revolves around the question master asking 20 Questions in order to figure out the opposing player's word. Alternatively, you could be the second player: the one who has chosen the term. You would be answering the 20 Questions in this situation.

We'll start with how to discover or access the game. Then we'll go over the game's regulations; and how you really play 20 Questions.

How to play 20 Questions

First, one player must come up with a word. This is generally an item or idea. Objects are typically preferred since they are simpler to guess or ask/answer questions about. Assume for the sake of argument that you were given the chosen term.

When you press on 20 Questions in GamePigeon, type the word that you want in the input bar supplied.

When you send the game as a message to your chosen contact, you must provide them with a question to ask you. They will get to ask 20 Questions total. Each question must be a yes-or-no proposition. This implies that you may only respond to their inquiries with a yes or no. For example, "is it an animal?" is a reasonable inquiry; but "what color is it?" is not. The later query cannot be answered with a yes or no.

After your opponent sends you a question, you must enter it into the game and send it to them. You must respond to the inquiry with a yes or no after you've received it. Then, your opponent will be allowed to ask another question. This cycle is repeated until your adversary has asked 20 Questions in total. These inquiries test their ability to guess your chosen term. For instance, asking if "bike" is the chosen word, counts as one of the 20 Questions. Guessing may take place at any time during the game. If your opponent can guess your selected term, they win.

If your opponent fails to guess the word you picked in one of their 20 Questions, they get another shot at it after completing 20 Questions. Your adversary wins if he or she correctly answers your chosen word.

If your opponent fails to guess the word you've selected, you win the game.


In conclusion, 20 Questions is a game in which one player must guess a particular word by posing 20 yes or no questions to the other. It's a two-person game in which one of the players picks a word. The second player will be asking the 20 Questions, while the first player will be replying to them.

Players take turns asking questions of one another, just as in real life. It's still worth checking out if you're looking for a way to have some fun, despite being a simple and traditional game.