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Luminous Black offers a straightforward dark user interface that transforms the user's appearance by beautifully generating several themes. Visit TECHTODOWN to get the free Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin Mod APK!

What exactly is Luminous Black?

On the Play Store, the rating is 4.70 out of 5 stars on average. You can find out more about Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin by visiting the Mixified Pixel support area. 

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Ziyaret Et TECHTODOWN to get the free Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin Mod APK!

Created to alter the appearance of Poweramp 3, this theme concentrates on making the interface dark and bright blue for users who enjoy dark colors, mostly black with striking neon lines. Users may replace the other two skin versions with the gorgeous interface offered by Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin.

Now, with unique features expanded to provide users additional benefits, let's see how this amazing application will bring about noticeable improvements by installing it. Join us to use this fantastic interface.

  • Track and quickly modify the corner radius of the header background.
  • There are several easy-to-use, diverse icons that provide variety to the interface.
  • The player's visibility may be easily customized for simple recognition.
  • The skin of the music player is given a distinctive texture by the combination of dark hues and neon bands.
  • Removes consumers' linguistic barriers by supporting a wide variety of languages.

The Poweramp 3 material skin Luminous Black has numerous customizable elements, including different accent colors for the material, backdrop colors, an alternate layout, different album art styles, and more. You can alter practically everything to make Poweramp seem beautiful, streamlined, and clean. This skin will always receive updates that include new features and enhancements.

Is worth downloading Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin APK?


Do you find the symbols on many music streaming services to be too boringly identical and familiar? With its extensive icon collection, Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin makes it easy to switch up the skins that are too comfortable for you and do not provide any excitement to your listening experience.

Users may alter the icons to play music, make transitions, and more to fit their own needs. You may also employ a lot of conveniences, including others like adjusting icon size and color.

  • FONT 

Whether or if fonts are important to the musical experience, typical music listeners will likely feel that it does not matter. Fonts are a factor that influences how people feel about a song, nevertheless, for those who like music as well as an engaging user interface.

Sometimes a powerful typeface in a melancholy work makes you feel out of place, and vice versa. In light of this, the application is further developed to allow for typeface customization and turn it into a component of the user's musical interface.

Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin apk mod
Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin makes it easy to switch up the skins

The sound control knobs can be changed to suit your preferences. Knob and Eq are the two dominant styles in this area. There are many other activities that you can simply utilize to tailor your sound set when you combine those scaling algorithms with others, like square corner radius, for instance.

Interfaces that alter the sound modifier provide the interface with a new appearance and offer simple, convenient features so that users can complete tasks quickly.

İletemporary black skin for Poweramp 3 is called Luminous Black. Poweramp may seem material, simple, transparent, and gorgeous by changing practically anything. This skin was thoughtfully created, with a strong emphasis on stability and extensive customization. 

This mask, as opposed to Aurora and Luminous, is made for people who like a black interface since it comes in a variety of shades of black, including deep and neon. 

Poweramp Equalizer is compatible with this skin: 
+ Özelleştir
+ UI designs for 2 players
+ 39 malzeme vurgu rengi
+ 15 siyah arka plan rengi
+ Simge
+ 3 sets of library icons
+ Kitaplık simge rengi
+ Library icon shape style
+ Library icon shape corner radius
+ Library icon size
+ Kaynak
+ 28 yazı tipi stili
+ Yazı tipi boyutları
+ Kitaplık
+ Header Background / Overlay Opacity
+ Opacity of element header background
+ Üst bilgi yer paylaşımı
+ Gezinme
+ 2 gezinme stili
+ Navigasyon arka plan rengi
+ Knob and equalizer
+ 6 Knob and EQ Styles
+ 4 forms of equalization
+ Albüm resmi
+ 6 Album art transition
+ Özel geçiş
+ 6 Player UI skin sizes
+ Oyuncu kontrolleri
+ Oynat düğmesi (ters renkler)
+ 6 wavy bar styles
+ 4 styles of wave search bar
+ Diğer
+ Radius of the corners of the track title background
+ Background opacity of the track title
+ Background opacity of the sort and track button
+ Görünürlük
+ Parça menüsü düğmesini gizle
+ Değerlendirmeyi gizle
+ Hide V.T.R.S buttons
+ Geçen zaman ve süreyi gizle
+ Hide Wave search bar
+ Ses bilgilerini gizle
+ Hide equalizer lines.

Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin apk mod ücretsiz
Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin makes it easy to switch up the skins

Luminous Black - Poweramp Skin APK Features


  • 6 Player UI Layouts dahil olmak üzere Album Art Blur
  • 39 Material Accent Colors
  • 15 Material Background Colors
  • 5 Navigation Styles
  • 6 Knob and Eq Styles
  • 4 Eq Shape Styles


  • 3 Library Icon Sets
  • 4 Navigation Icon Sets
  • 4 Equalizer Icon Sets
  • 4 Miscellaneous Icon Sets
  • 3 Header Icon Sets
  • 5 Play/Pro Icon Sets


  • 17 Yazı Tipi Stili
  • Yazı Boyutu
  • yararlanmak
  • 4 Adaptive Title Color Styles
  • Adaptive Elapsed and Duration Time
  • Adaptive Text Color


  • Album Art Shadow
  • 4 Player UI Album Art Sizes
  • 6 Album Art Transition
  • Custom Transition
  • 5 Player UI Album Art Corners
  • 5 Library Album Art Corners


  • Play Button (Reverse Colors)
  • Small Play Button
  • Small Play Button (Reverse Colors)
  • 4 Wave Bars Styles
  • 4 Wave Seek bar Styles
  • 7 Simple Seek bar Styles
  • 7 Pro Buttons Styles


  • Blur Background Color Overlay
  • Navigasyon Göstergesi
  • Düz kullanıcı arayüzü
  • Alt Selected Track Color
  • 4 Line Background Corners
  • Yarı Şeffaf Line Olayın Arka Planı
  • şeffaf Arkaplan
  • Transparent Status Bar
  • Transparent Navigation Bar
  • Transparent Elapsed and Duration Time


  • Hide Track Menu Button
  • Hide Rating
  • Hide Miscellaneous Button
  • Hide Stroke Buttons
  • Hide Elapsed and Duration Time
  • Hide Wave Seek bar
  • Hide Previous and Next Category Buttons
  • Hide Previous and Next Song Buttons
  • Hide Audio Info
  • Hide Equalizer Lines


  • English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian




Işıltılı Siyah Poweramp Cilt mod  apk
Luminous Black   Poweramp Skin apk
Luminous Black   Poweramp Skin apk mod ücretsiz
Işıltılı Siyah Poweramp Cilt mod
Luminous Black   Poweramp Skin apk mod

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